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Incense holder

Incense is the burning of good-smelling mixtures are burned over hot coals. This releases its smells into the air. In other words, it is like an air freshener. The incense and coal are normally placed in censers or braziers, which are clay holders. This tutorial is to make a decorative Omani censer, however, I do not recommend you actually use this to burn incense. It should be used instead, as decoration.

You will need:

– Clay (a bit more than the amount of two fist-fulls)

– Paint (brightly colored)

– Small square and circle shaped objects


What to do:

1. Roll one of the clay balls into a sphere. Use your thumb to press in the middle so that it becomes half of a hollow sphere.

2. Take a pinch of clay and make it into a sphere. Then flatten it so that it is a thick circle. Take another piece of clay and make it into a short stubby cylinder. Attach one end to the circle and the other to the hollow sphere.

3. Repeat step one except for this hollow sphere, make it an oval instead.

4. Roll a pinch of clay into a ball and put it on top of the hollow oval from step three.

5. Press the circle and square objects on the clay to form designs.

6. Allow clay to dry overnight.

7. Once dry, paint clay in bright colors and designs. On the hollow oval from step 3-4, paint oval “windows/holes” around the circumference.

8. You’re done! (The hollow oval made in step 3-4 is the cover for the sphere made in step one).

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