Make a Change

Did you know that 40% of Mexicans are below the poverty line? That’s more than 50 million people living in poverty!

Did you know that many of these people are children just like you? Many are fighting malnutrition and cannot get a basic education.


1. Sponsor a child. You can “sponsor” a child by donating money towards a specific child’s basic needs. To raise money, you and your friends could set up a food stand, ask around for donations, etc.

2. Spread the word. If more people know about what is going on, they too can help. This branches out so that more and more people are helping which can result in a huge impact!

3. Write to a child. Not only can you practice your Spanish and learn about another culture, you can also make another child extremely happy. Through, you can become “pen-pals” with a person your age in Mexico once you have sponsored him/her. This can be a wonderful experience.

It is important to give back. Small acts can make you feel better, and more importantly, help change the life of someone else.