Trip to Wadi Hidan

This past Saturday, I went on my last trip outside of Amman to Wadi Hidan, a wadi located near Madaba. A few of my friends and I from CLS went with a tour group, Jo Hiking. The cost for this hiking group included the transportation to and from the wadi, guides, photography, and lunch, so it was a pretty good deal.

We met at a hotel in Amman (there were other people who went on the trip too, so we totaled about 14 people) and then took a bus to Wadi Hidan, stopping along the way for a quick breakfast.

At about 10:30 we started our hike. Wadi Hidan is a hike that focuses on swimming, so for a lot of it, we were swimming in deep beautiful clear-green water, with tall rocky cliffs on either side of us. The wadi also had many areas where we had to jump off ledges into the water, slide down waterfalls, and climb down the sides of the slippery rocks using ropes– good thing we had guides with us to help us through it all!

The second half was the “harder” half, though personally I thought the first half was harder since it involved more heights. The second half was mainly climbing over rocks to make our way through the wadi. We ended by looking over a huge waterfall that let out over a gorgeous area of water surrounded by hanging trees. It truly looked like something from a fairytale. We couldn’t keep going because only professionals can climb down the waterfall, so we turned around and climbed the rocks to get out of the wadi and then started the long walk back to the bus by walking on the rocks that overlooked the wadi.

We got back to the bus at around 8 PM, thoroughly exhausted, and ate a quick dinner (that was supposed to be the lunch). The walk, though, was beautiful, and I loved the views the whole time. The only issue was that the guides said they were providing lunch, but they did not tell us that the lunch was given at the end of the hike once we got back to the hike, so no one ate a large breakfast and no one brought snacks or a large amount of water. The hike was supposed to end at about 3 pm, and we were all very hungry and thirsty by then (because they did not tell us to bring food for the hike), so when we got back at 8 without really eating all day and with limited water, we were quite exhausted and very dehydrated. Well besides the tour group’s not-amazing planning, it was a wonderful day and I got the visit the last wadi on my to-do list in Jordan. Though I am still partial to Wadi Hessa as my favorite wadi ever, Wadi Hidan was still quite beautiful.

Speaking of, from the wadis I have seen, here is my list of my rankings of the wadis I have visited in Jordan:

1. Wadi Hessa

2. Wadi Mujib

3. Wadi Rum

4. Wadi Hidan

Even though Wadi Hidan was last, it was still so amazing– it is basically a list of beyond perfectly beautiful to perfectly beautiful because all the wadis here have wow’d me so much.

What Even Happened Today?

Today marked another odd moment.

Anna, Liz, and I were in our car on our way to AMIDEAST this morning and just as we were pulling into the parking lot, we stopped because at the entrance was a very tall man, leaning on a fancy car, holding a soccer ball. A small crowd was watching as he was being photographed. We waited for them to move so we could drive past. All I could think is, why on earth, of all the places to be photographed in Muscat, would you come to AMIDEAST to have pictures taken with construction sites in the background??

Anyway, we kind of forgot about this weird encounter until half an hour later, when Muniera rushed in and told us to hurry with her. We went in the elevator and she pressed the Basement level, a mysterious level which none of us have ever visited. Turns out it is a fancy photo studio! I feel like my whole time here has been a lie– little did I know what I have been walking over for the past 6 months.

Anyway, the man whom we had seen was down there and we were informed that he is none other than Ali Al-Habsi, the current captain of the Oman national football (or soccer) team. Craaazzzyyy! We all introduced ourselves and got to take some pictures with him with the white backdrop! We were rushed out because they had to continue his photoshoot. I’m still a bit confused about why/how this happened. But hey, here’s to meeting an Omani celebrity!

1978176_10151923499351851_493632167_o (1)

Then to top off the day, we went to an art studio located in someone’s house to do some painting! Our task was to paint some place/something in Oman and to accompany that with a word in Arabic. Of course, I chose my addiction, coffee (in Arabic, pronounced “Kahooa”). It was so nice to relax and paint; I haven’t done that in so long and realized how much I missed it. By the way, in my picture, I added some red because I liked the color, but we can pretend it symbolizes the dates that are typically served with Omani coffee.