El Morabba3!

A few days ago, my friends and I went to a concert to see a band called El Morabba3. This concert was held in the Roman Amphitheater as part of a music festival that happens in Jordan every few years. The amphitheater provided a beautiful backdrop for the concert and the music was beautiful… it all felt very magical. It was also funny to recognize so many people at the concert– there were people from CLS, a few of our teachers, and other random people we have met in Amman. What I have learned is that the same group of people go to all the same events, so I have started to recognize the same people in the same cafes and other events. Small world!

All in all, it was a great night and I am now a new fan of El Morabba3.

Yesterday’s Excitements

The three exciting things about yesterday:

1. It rained, so of course that was exciting. It was only for a short time though, but it was nice to see some water!

2. After school a band called “AudioPharmacy” came to play and talk to us at AMIDEAST. They are on a tour in the Middle East (funded by the US government) so they stopped at our school. Their sound was pretty cool and I loved their message of positivity, global peace, and women’s empowerment.

3. In the evening my host father’s mother and two of her sisters came over from Bahla to spend the night. We sat around and talked in the living room and then ate dinner.


This past week (on Wednesday, Feb 26) we went with our program to the Opera!

We went to see an Enana dance show and it was spectacular! Enana dance is named after Enana (surprise surprise), who is the ancient Syrian goddess of love, fertility, culture, art, literature and the moon. The story that we saw was of the Umayyad prince Abdul Rahman bin Mu’awiyah bin Hisham (he was the grandson of the last powerful Umayyad caliph). The dances showed his life as he was pursued across the Syrian, Naqab and Sahara deserts by his enemies. In the end, however, he lives and founds the Caliphate of Cordoba. The music was great and the costumes were wonderful!

It was really funny because during the first half of the show, we sat in the very back row in the top balcony, but then during the second half, due to some connections, we got to sit on the first floor near the front! Got to love those Omani connections.