This past week has gone by really quickly. With class midterms, eating Iftar with my host family, and going to a cafe with friends every night after Iftar, I haven’t had much time to relax!

A highlight of my week, though, was on Wednesday. Some friends and I went to an event at the Thai Embassy, which was a meditation event in honor of the full moon during Ramadan. It was held after Iftar in the courtyard of the Thai Embassy and we each received a candle in a flower-decoration. After a brief speech by the ambassador and a short video about world peace and empathy, the stretching and meditation began! At first it was a bit amusing because there were different stretching exercises that were competitions between men and women (not exactly the most relaxing), but once the meditation part began, our laughter subdued. The meditation involved a lot of incorporation and references┬áto the full moon and it was quite a beautiful ceremony— though I did not and still do not know a lot about how to meditate! After there were refreshments and snacks provided, to end such a lovely evening!