Jerash and Ajlun

This past weekend we had our last CLS outing and spent the day on Friday in Jerash and Ajloon.

We first went to Jerash, which is one of the world’s largest and well preserved sites of Roman architecture. It is a magnificently huge site, with theaters, baths, main streets, and ruins of houses. The weather was insanely hot, so that made walking around exhausting, but the time there was well spent exploring the area. We missed this event because it happened at night, but that night was the first night of the annual Jerash festival, in which there are music shows, performances, and stores lining the streets of Jerash, with the main amphitheater hosting a large musical performance. Next time!

After lunch, our next stop was the Ajlun Castle, which is a 12th-century Muslim castle. It had amazing views of the surrounding area and was surprisingly cool inside for the thick stone keeps it well insulated.