Senna helowa ya jameel is the transliteration of how one sings happy birthday in Arabic (meaning something along the lines of, “happy year, beautiful”).

My birthday was two days ago and I had a great time celebrating it in Jordan!

I went to school during the day, which was not the most exciting thing to do, but luckily, I was out of school at 3:30, and so Nancy, Sosi and I went to Eric and Sam’s house for a bit. We hung out there and then Nancy and Sosi came over to my house for Iftar. Aletta (my roommate) also brought a friend from CLS so there were a bunch of people and it was a lot of fun! After eating and feeling super full, my host mother brought out a cake that she baked for me (chocolate cake with flan on top– so delicious)! It was so sweet of her and my host family, they lit a candle and sang happy birthday for me.

I then went to Rainbow Street with my friends, where we met some other friends and we hung out there for a while. I finally came home, exhausted, but a happy 20 year old!

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