More Outfits!

Yesterday I wore my abaya, which is like a black dress that is worn over one’s clothing. Typically, women in Oman wear this over their clothing when they go out (it is not worn in one’s own house, though frequently, women keep their abayas on when they go to someone else’s house if they are not staying for too long or if they are not very close with the people who live in the house they are in). I love my abaya because it’s quite comfy and it makes getting dressed so much easier (you can literally just wear your pajamas all day, and no one would know!). That’s not to say that everyone wears their pajamas under their abayas; many women wear elaborate dresses underneath. Abayas are paired with a hijab. I have one that I got made with my abaya (typically one goes to a tailor to get an abaya made, but you can also find ready-made ones as well), but I like to add some color and variety with different scarves. There are also all types of abaya designs (all kinds of prints, beading, lace, shapes, ones that open in the front, etc), so people get pretty fashionable with their abayas! I’ve grown to love them (they are so pretty!) and it has definitely helped me blend in when I go out with my host family.



Today I wore another Omani house dress (used similar to the house dress from Salalah, but its shape is different). This is my favorite house dress that I own; it’s so comfy and colorful. Kirby has an almost identical one!


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