Muscat Festival

Happened February 3, 2014

Every year in Oman, there is a monthly-long festival called the Muscat Festival. Actually, there are two festivals, but one is outside of Muscat. Luckily, I live near one of the festivals, which is the traditional Omani festival.

After school and after my host cousin’s college ended, she and another host cousin (the two I had dinner with the day before) came to pick me up so we could go to the Muscat Festival.

The festival is held in a huge park and the road outside and the inside of the park are decked out in brightly colored lights. There were many different exhibits in the park and we walked through most of it, though by this time (it was 9:30 pm), some of the exhibits had started to close. We looked at the “world market”, which has many stalls, each selling products (like bags, clothes, and household decorations) from different parts of the world (mostly from East Asia and the Middle East). We then walked through the “Oman market” which had lots of frankincense, Bedouin and Salalah clothing (I bought a Bedouin niqab!) and stalls after stalls selling traditional Omani food. They even had huge pots in which they were cooking fresh Omani halwa (the traditional sweet here). Throughout the festival, there were different stages where people were doing traditional Omani dances or playing music. We were even in time to see the firework and laser light show. Unfortunately, we missed the camel rides, but inshallah I will go to the festival again.

By about 10:30, most of the stalls were closing, so we sat down to eat dinner and hung out for a bit, before leaving at 11, which is when the festival closes.

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