Nizwa (fail)

December 22, 2013

In the morning, we went to the Grand Mosque (it is open to the public between 9-11, excluding Friday, when it is closed the the public for the whole day). I love the Grand Mosque so much; it is such a beautiful building.


We then drove to Nizwa, which is in interior Oman (close to Bahla– I already did a post on Nizwa, so check that out for more details). I wanted my parents to see a bit of what interior Oman is like (in a lot of places, it is less developed than Muscat, with older houses). We wanted to go to the Nizwa Fort, but unfortunately, it was closed for bug prevention spraying. Instead, we walked around the souk for a bit before it closed for lunch and then ate lunch ourselves.

There was not a ton more to do, so we drove back to Muscat and went to Carrefour so that I could buy some things I’d been wanting to buy.

In the evening we met with Homeid (my Arabic teacher) for dinner at a delicious Arabic restaurant where I got shwarma!


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