Scavenger Hunt

Today the NSLI-Y girls and the YES girls went on a scavenger hunt! It was an event held in the Muttrah Souk, so AMIDEAST arranged for us to attend it. Most of the people at the event were non-Omanis; I really think that these types of events are things that non-Omanis all meet at. Unfortunately, everyone was older than us.

We were divided into groups of four, so my group had Lydia, Shanayya, and Mae (the last two are from the YES program). We were given a sheet of clues that we had to find the answers to by the end of two hours. It was HARD! The questions were so specific (like find the textile store with the red roof or find the hardware store that sells animal trappings), and for a huge souk that even locals get lost at, it was almost impossible. Liz and I teamed up halfway through and started to get stressed and exhausted from the futile chase, so we eventually gave up, as did all the other NSLI-Y and YES girls. But no problem; we got a chance to walk around the souk for a while! Liz and I bought a shwarma, but it was a poor excuse for a shwarma; it was terrible! Violating our shwarma rights.

We then went for lunch at an Indian restaurant, except it was sad for me because most of the food had nuts, so I couldn’t eat very much of it.

Then we got a chance to walk around the souk for a bit more time and walked along the water. It was so beautiful and I loved having a chance to walk around the souk. I bought some scarves to wear over my hair in the village, since my neon pink ones made me stand out a bit too much!

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