(Written November 8, 2013)

Today I cooked up a storm. I learned to make so many Omani/Arabic dishes!

The recipes will all be available here.

In the morning my host brothers wanted cupcakes, so I used a cake mix to make them chocolate cupcakes.

Then I learned how to make Khalia! Khalia is one of my favorite foods so far in Oman. I think I described it in a previous blog post, but it is cheese-filled bread shaped like a honeycomb with syrup on top. So good! I wasn’t very good at forming the circular shape of the bread, but hopefully with time and practice, I’ll get better.

Next my host mother and I made Basboosa, a traditional Middle Eastern desert made out of coconut. We made half with nuts and half without so I could try it. It kind of tastes like a coconut macaroon!

Finally, I learned how to make Karak Tea (a yummy milky tea).

I’m coming along to become an Omani cook!…. not quite, but I’m trying. I had a lot of fun learning how to make the dishes, and of course, had even more fun trying them when they were done. It was also great to spend the day with my host mother and get to know her better.

In the evening, we drove to a park (with grass, yay!) and met with my host mother’s sisters and their family. Each person brought a dish (we brought my khalia and tea!) and had a lovely picnic! Surprisingly, I wore a sweater. It’s getting kind of cold here!


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