Cancer Walk

Yesterday was one of the best days yet in Oman. I did three things I’ve wanted to do for a while: eat cheddar cheese, go running, and go to a dance party. The cheese part was simple: I bought it yesterday, so that was an easy accomplishment.

The first half of my day was uneventful; we had class as usual and then lunch. At around 3, however, we met up with the YES girls and drove to a park to go on a walk for cancer.

In the park, I felt almost as though I left Oman. It was a big park surrounding a lake with GRASS. We actually lay down on the grass to touch it. I didn’t realize how much I missed grass until I was surrounded by it. The park had paved sidewalks and was so beautiful, extremely clean, and looked quite new. We also passed a rather large man-made waterfall. I felt like I was in some of the enclosed parks in India, where people go to escape everyday life.

The walk for cancer may as well have also been named an “expatriate convention”, as the majority of the people there were expatriates. In fact, I say many girls my age wearing shorts (tisk tisk) and heard lots of English. It was nice to have a quick escape and to be able to talk freely in English and run around.

Before the walk started, there was a quick “warm-up”. American pop music started blaring and Kirby and I had no shame and started to dance. A Zoomba teacher came on stage and the crowd started to follow along. This was short, unfortunately, and Kirby and I were some of the few dancing. Oh well, it was worth it!

We went on the walk (which was only about 1.5 miles), but luckily by then it was 5, so it had cooled off quite a bit.

We got back to the start area (where there was free water!) and they called out raffle prizes. They were giving away dinner passes, gym memberships, and even flat screen TVs! Unfortunately, none of us won anything.

Then the fun started. I would have never though that a cancer walk in Oman=a huge party. The pop music started blaring again (I was surprised at some of the music choices, though if there was any cursing in the song it was beeped out), and this time it was dance music! Of course we started to dance (we’ve been wanting a dance party for ages) and slowly other members of the crowd started dancing too. A crowd formed around some guys doing all kinds of dance moves and though initially no girls were in the crowd, some joined in so once a group was watching, we joined in as well. It was dark outside by now and everyone started dancing. Some guys were sitting on the shoulders of other guys and it was a huge dance party. It was so much fun; we did not want to leave. It was so great to dance not in a room by ourselves, but to be in a big crowd of people, and to sing loudly in public and scream when they played a song we liked.

We ran back through the park to the car (check off the running) to go home. Yeah it was only 6:45, but who would have guessed that the young expatriate crowd (and some Omanis) goes to cancer walks to party?

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