Perfect Day

Today was perfect. At noon, we drove to the beach and it was so beautiful! Beaches are one of my favorite places on Earth, so I was very happy to be able to go. When people say that Omani beaches are gorgeous, they are not lying! So far, the beaches I have seen here rank as being the 2nd most beautiful beaches that I have ever seen (Brazil takes first place). The sand was white and fine with a few colorful shells and the beach was lined with palm trees that provided shade. There were some people at the beach, but not enough for it to be unpleasantly crowded. The water was the perfect temperature and so blue and clear. I could actually see right to the bottom of the water, and there were a few small fishes in the water. Sounds like paradise? It was.

Once we arrived at the beach, my host brothers and I went straight for the water. I was surprised that I was able to wear a bathing suit without a coverup, but my host mother assured me that it was fine. A big part of this was due to the large number of expatriates on the beach. It was nice to splash around with other people, because as I’m an only child, when I go to the beach with my family, I’m the only one in the water. After a while of swimming (yep, I finally got to swim some laps!), we went to sit with my host parents on a big mat under the palm trees to eat lunch. They brought a grill, so we ate freshly grilled chicken and beef with a side of pita bread, humus, and salad. Delish! Then we went back to the water and swam for a bit more before coming back to have melon before leaving the beach.


The only downside of the beach was that it did not have a bathroom or shower area. I guess that’s what you get at a free beach. But the beauty of it is definitely worth it! I also found it interesting that they brought their maid with us. I guess she helped with the lunch cooking, but I felt awkward having her watch us while we ate and not having her sit on the mat with us. I think having a maid is one of the biggest things that I have to get used to, because it is so different from the culture that I am used to.

Now we are watching Toy Store 3 and Arabs Got Talent comes on soon! Overall, a fabulous day!

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